Test for Self-Worth

Instructions: Consider each item carefully. Decide if you mainly agree or mainly disagree with the item. Mark (T) for true if you agree and (F) for false if you disagree.

            T    F

  1. ___ ___ I have done something so bad or shameful that I can't be forgiven.
  2. ___ ___ I have not lived up to my family's expectations, as I should have done.
  3. ___ ___ No matter how well I might do in the future, I can't make up for my past errors, so I'll never be any good.
  4. ___ ___ I make more mistakes than most other people do.
  5. ___ ___ I should do well almost all the time.
  6. ___ ___ I have urges I don't control which prove I'm rotten.
  7. ___ ___ Even God doesn't like me.
  8. ___ ___ The truth is I sometimes think I'm better than everybody else.
  9. ___ ___ There are bad things I should not have done, that I knew not to but I did them anyway, which makes me worthless.
  10. ___ ___ I have decided that I am a bad person, and I believe that I am right.
  11. ___ ___ The only really good thing I do is to punish myself for being no good by making a mess of my life.
  12. ___ ___ If only I were more attractive I would be able to have the relationships I want.
  13. ___ ___ I lack the courage to stand up to certain people.
  14. ___ ___ I don't follow my religious beliefs as well as I should.
  15. ___ ___ I should have done a lot better by now with my life than I have done.
  16. ___ ___ I don't write or call home as often as I should.
  17. ___ ___ I worry that my deep secrets will one day be revealed, and I couldn't stand that.
  18. ___ ___ I am shy.
  19. ___ ___ I sometimes have a bad temper.
  20. ___ ___ I often feel so lonely that I just can't stand it.
  21. ___ ___ I don't have any really close friends.
  22. ___ ___ I don't believe anybody really understands me.
  23. ___ ___ I wish I could make major changes in my personality.
  24. ___ ___ I don't deserve to be treated well.

Note: Any answer marked (T) for true indicates an irrational belief may be lurking around in your mind. You might try the following:

Links on 24-7 Help:

If you continue to believe any of these statements, ask for help. This Web site has other information and exercises that may help.

You can download a PDF format of the Test for Self-Worth here.

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